Heritage Designs Knives was born out of a sense of pride in our country and its military veterans.
Our knives are handmade by an Army veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. As a military veteran, he found purpose in creating unique knives that represent our branches of the military, using 50 cal ammo and military uniform designs. 
The 50 cal ammo was used by the military and reused to create an incredibly unique knife. Using genuine and USA-made Damascus as well as Stainless Steel, the blades are fit into the 50 cal shell, and the Damascus is finished with a military star pin for extra durability.
Our blades also come with an incredible handmade Kydex sheath. Kydex sheaths offer excellent benefits, including waterproofing, scratch resistance, low maintenance, and easy cleaning. The Kydex is heated to 350 degrees and the softened material is placed into a press with the blade to make a form fitting sheath. After hardening, the design is cut and sanded. The sheath is finished with round eyelets, creating a place for all your attachments.
Thank you to all who support our brave and selfless military veterans. For many, the battle never ends. Few understand what they have endured, and their sacrifice runs deep. 

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